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Architectural glazes that capture the magic of the material

Design & Webflow Development
Studio Christine Jetten
Architectural glazes that capture the magic of the material

In collaboration with the design, branding, and communication agency Dietwee, I designed and developed the new online experience for Studio Christine Jetten. Christine Jetten creates glazes that will serve as a new vibrant medium for use in contemporary architecture. The website shows the variety of the studio's works in a beautiful interactive way. Large visuals and beautiful details of the glazes alternate harmoniously throughout the website.

The website beautifully displays her work, experience, history, publications, and more, connected through Webflow's comprehensive CMS. Visitors of the website are smoothly guided through twenty-four years of unique glaze design.

By using Webflow's extensive animation and interaction possibilities, we were able to create an immersive experience. The website contains slick parallax animations, hover interactions, page transitions, and plenty of interactive elements.

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